Dec 232010

Here’s a nine foot, handcrafted hollow wooden longboard, made out of Japanese Cedar.  As a Xmas present, it’s a one-of-a-kind – you just won’t be able to match it in any mall or shop in the country. Santa and his helpers just don’t make this kind of thing. Yes, it’s totally hollow, it’s made completely out of wood and there is no foam core.

This will be a great board for cruising at a wave like Muizenberg. And it will make a beautiful wall hanging. Contact if you’re interested.

The  board has yet to be fine-shaped, sanded and glassed, so it’s for delivery early in the new year. The first picture is adjusted in iPhoto to give a rough idea of what the wood will look like after it has been glassed (the glassing really brings out the colour of the wood and the grain) with 4oz cloth and epoxy resin. The second picture is the raw wood as it stands.

Hey, you don’t even have to buy it as a Xmas present – just buy it anyway!

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