Wood surfboards for sale


1. 5′.8″ classic-styled hollow wood twin-fin fish

5.8JapCedarFish This is a twin-keel fish in locally grown Japanese Cedar. This board is completely handmade, including the fins, and the cedar has a stunning grain and colours – orange, yellow, browns and blacks – making it a truly unique wood surfboard that cannot be replicated. Contact burnett.patrick@gmail.com to order a similar board.

PRICE: R9,000, excluding shipping. SOLD Contact burnett.patrick@gmail.com to order a similar board.




2. 5′.8″ classic-styled hollow wood twin-fin fish

5.8AbaloneFishThis is a 5′.8″ classic-styled hollow wood twin-fin fish in Western Red Cedar and Obeche with real abalone inlays and custom-made glass-on fins. It’s a celebration of a surfboard shape that has endured for nearly 50 years. Handcrafted and taking inspiration from the fish shapes of the early 1970s, the special feature of this board are the abalone inserts along the bottom that separate the two different types of wood, the one light and the other dark in colour. The abalone lines have a mother-of-pearl luminosity to them that is accentuated by the rich colours of the wood. This is a one-of-a-kind board, a piece of functional art. Despite being shorter than today’s typical shortboards, the fish paddles beautifully and catches waves easily. As wood surfboards go, this one is a beauty.                

PRICE: R10,500, excluding shipping. SOLD Contact burnett.patrick@gmail.com to order a similar board.

3. 9’6″ Classic Single Fin Gun

Classic-Single-Fin-Gun-00-800x1021This beautiful hollow wood gun is handmade from Japanese Cedar with a light “burnt wood” stain that darkens the grain but at the same time accentuates the quality of the wood. It has bright coloured inserts made from pieces of driftwood running down the centre stringer line on the deck.

PRICE: R16,000 SOLD Contact burnett.patrick@gmail.com to order a similar board.



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  1. Very cool boards!
    Do you have any others for sale, all say sold on the site.
    The 5.8 classic style wood twin fin is what I would want.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thanks very much for your interest. Yes, the boards on the site are sold, but I can make you a fresh fish if you’re happy to wait about 4 weeks. The advantage would be that you get to choose the wood look that you would like to go into the board. They cost R8,500 for a custom build. Let me know if you would like to take that route and I’ll give you a call to discuss.

      Best regards,


      Patrick Burnett
      Burnett Wood Surfboards
      Web: http://www.burnettwoodsurfboards.co.za
      Mob: + 27 (0) 73 232 3043
      Email: burnett.patrick@gmail.com
      Skype: patburnett



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