Apr 062016
 handplane, wooden surfboards, wood surfboards, bodysurfing, hollow wood surfboards, hand planes

In the tube with a Burnett Wood Surfboard’s bodysurfing hand-plane.

“I want to present the view that our existence is a gift…Earth is a thriving organism, and it’s an incredible occurrence of events that produces this place.” Surf film-maker Thomas Campbell, as quoted in The Surfer’s Journal, Volume 18, Number 2 Wow! It’s been a busy start to 2016 and it’s hard to believe that the first three months of the year are gone. Here in Cape Town, March/April is always a special time of year as the seasons change. Early mornings and evenings have a nip in the air. There’s a real sense of anticipation that winter is coming, and along with winter the hoped-for conveyer belts of swell that hit our coastline. In the first three months of 2016, we’ve built open water stand-up paddle boards, numerous custom hollow wood surfboard orders, and run hollow wooden surfboard-building and wooden hand plane courses. Apart from usual business I also had a trip to Cologne in Germany where I shaped a wooden surfboard for Triton Tools as part of a demo. Below are some photos taken in this period.

wood surfboard, wooden surfboards, hollow wood surfboards, SUP, standup paddle board

14′.6″ hollow wood SUP built on a course.

wood surfboards, hollow wooden surfboards, SUP, stand-up paddle boarding

Paddling a 12′.6″ SUP along False Bay and into Kalk Bay harbour.

hollow wood surfboards, surfboards, wooden surfboards, wood surfboards

A hollow wooden single fin made by Burnett Wood Surfboards for a Triton Tools exhibition that took place in Germany.

wooden surfboards, hollow wooden surfboards

A hollow wooden single fin made out of beautiful cedar.

























wood surfboards, wooden surfboards, hollow wooden surfboards

Hollow wood surfboards waiting to be glassed.

wood surfboards, hollow wood surfboards, wood surfboard courses

A 9′ longboard built on a course with Burnett Wood Surfboards.

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