Wood surfboard videos

  • Wooden Bones

In 2015, I was very fortunate to have an incredibly talented group of photographers and editors make a short video about what I do at Burnett Wood Surfboards. The film contains some beautiful images of the land and ocean around where my workshop is in Cape Town, and it’s a story about the journey from making wooden boards in the workshop to intimately engaging with the cold Atlantic here on the southern tip of the great continent of Africa. Check out the video below:

  • Wooden surfboards meet Triton power tools
  • Short film on how we started out and what makes us tick

  • The art of making a wood surfboard, made by Nicola Verreynne, who attended a course with Burnett Wood Surfboards
  • Wood on water video sessions: the flow of the fish
  • The wood on water video sessions: egg and longboard
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