Aug 092015

There are only 10 places left!

That’s the official number of people that I can accommodate for wood surfboard courses between now and the end of the year, so if you want to build your own beautiful hollow wood surfboard then check out the courses page on my website and get in touch about booking your place. Early bird discounts apply.

The number of people who have built boards with me is now approaching 100. It’s something I would never have predicted when I started making wood boards in my garage in 2007.

The courses have been running since 2013. From the beginning, I have been stoked to see other people build their own surfboards and see their creativity and innate hand skill come to life through the construction of beautiful wood surfboard shapes. I’m really grateful to everyone that has signed up – I have learnt a tremendous amount and met some amazing people.

The gallery below includes pictures from some of the courses held by Burnett Wood Surfboards 2013-2015.

Course Pictures and Boards

[img src=]430
[img src=]310
[img src=]270
[img src=]300
[img src=]210
[img src=]250
[img src=]190
[img src=]210
[img src=]190
[img src=]37740DCIM100GOPROGOPR3375.
[img src=]30250DCIM100GOPROGOPR6687.
[img src=]26310
[img src=]5490
[img src=]5200
[img src=]4730
[img src=]4560
[img src=]4230
[img src=]4080
[img src=]11.3k0
[img src=]91242
[img src=]79590
[img src=]71760
[img src=]65060
[img src=]78041
[img src=]56970
[img src=]71870
[img src=]12.5k0
[img src=]10.9k1
[img src=]10.1k0
[img src=]66700
[img src=]62130
[img src=]41570
[img src=]40671
[img src=]39960DCIM100GOPROGOPR0077.
[img src=]98361
[img src=]92800
[img src=]87060
[img src=]82350
[img src=]79710
[img src=]77341
[img src=]74310
[img src=]70741
[img src=]68780
[img src=]60630
[img src=]58410
[img src=]59700
[img src=]53460
[img src=]52440



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