Why wood?


IMG_1121Hollow wood surfboards are part of a growing movement of surfers worldwide who are looking for alternatives to surfboard manufacture that go beyond the toxic materials used since the 1950s. The hallmarks of this movement are the use of natural materials, low-tech tools and hand craftmanship.


Surfers have made boards out of wood since they first started riding waves. They’ve done so for good reason. Wood is a beautiful and nataraul material to work with. The magic of nature can be found in the distinct grain of every plank of wood and this translates into highly individualised surfboards that are works of art in themselves. Wood has inherent bouyancy, durability and amazing flex retention properties. Crafted to the correct shapes, it offers a unique and nataraul approach to sliding waves.

While hollow wood surfboards are not new technology, modern construction and the availability of materials has made it possible for a huge leap forward in the ability to make performance orientated surfboards that are not only beautiful to look at, but also a pleasure to surf. 

Wood will surprise you in ways you never expected: surfing a wood board is a journey in surfing discovery and myth busting. Wood surfboards are heavier but once you put it them in the water the weight disappears. They paddle beautifully across the water and into waves.

At Burnett Wood Surfboards we put much of our weight into the rails of the surfboard. We believe this means the board goes onto a rail very easily and that once the weight of the rail is engaged the board holds a distinct line across the wave face, making for great rail to rail surfing. Weight, far from being a disadvantage as the mainstream surf industry wood have you believe, is a powerful and neglected design element that wood boards are re-introducing to surfing.

Finally, floating on the ocean while sitting on a beautifully-grained wood surfboard is a deeply satisfying experience that enhances your surfing experience and appreciation of nature.




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  1. Wicked Mr Burn – Absolutelty awesome!

    Now I just need to get some ash together and you make one for me.

    Carry on naturally!

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