Feb 262018

Wooden surfboard building in a workshop with Burnett Wood Surfboards.Build your own beautiful wooden surfboard

Over five Saturdays in April and May, I’ll be running a wooden surfboard building workshop in my Scarborough workshop. The weekend workshop is perfect for people who want to build their own wooden surfboard but can’t take a week off work to get it done.

The dates are 7, 14 and 21 April, and 19 and 26 May. Contact Patrick on burnett.patrick@gmail.com or 073 232 3043 if you’re interested.

What anyone who attends one of my wood surfboard workshops gets is the experience of crafting your own unique wooden surfboard from a pile of planks. For most people, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ll be able to surf it, show it off and there won’t be another board like it anywhere on the planet because each piece of wood that nature makes is uniquely different. It’s a process of engrossing yourself in the beauties of wood and at the same time making something with the beautiful curves of good surfboard design meant to harness the energy of a breaking wave.

Wooden surfboard building in a workshop with Burnett Wood Surfboards.As someone who has been making these boards for nearly a decade and knows all the pitfalls and mistakes that can be made, I’m the ultimate resource to help you avoid common mistakes and make something that you’ll be proud of for life.

For more information, please visit the full courses page on my website where you’ll find everything you need in terms of board shapes, costs and a picture gallery of boards made on my workshops.



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