Jun 162010

So, five days into a month-long road trip along South Africa’s East Coast with the family and three hollow wooden surfboards, temperatures plummeted, winds howled and the swell moved in. I should have known it was going to be a big winter cold front when we woke up at our campsite half way to J-Bay and found a layer of white frost covering everything. That was on Monday morning and a fun evening session at three to four foot Supertubes followed.

That night was weather mayhem. Already chilly, the temperature plummeted further and a gale force south-westerly moved in, along with driving rain. Being in a tent at the municipal caravan park in J-Bay was no joke. The noise of the storm made sleep difficult and I was relieved when we made it through the night without being blown or washed away.

The Tuesday dawnie was beautiful. Thick grey clouds threatened further rain, but the rising sun also turned clouds on the horizon a blazing orange. At one point a full rainbow arced over the line-up. I think everyone expected the waves to be a bit bigger. The period seemed a bit down and many of the waves weren’t running all the way through, but there were still some great rides on offer at about four to five foot. Supers is a freak of nature – one good ride from the point through into Impossibles can leave you stoked out of your mind.

Being able to surf the 6.4 hollow wooden board I’ve made at Supertubes was brilliant. It paddles in beautifully, was fast down the line and felt very responsive. I would have liked to have caught a few more waves, but this is Supers remember. Fighting it out with the practicing pros isn’t exactly easy. Hence the video below is only a few seconds long!

The swell dropped on Wednesday and we’ve moved on to Yellowsands near East London. Hoping for waves here over the next couple of days.


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  1. Excellent! That board looks fast and responsive, glad you’re getting some waves bru. Enjoy the rest of the road, thanks for the update, keep us posted.

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