Dec 202011

For nearly a decade, The Empire in Muizenberg (check out website and facebook links) has been an institution, serving delicious chow and drinks to hungry surfers, tourists, bohemians, yuppies, locals, grannies, grampas and basically anyone who walks through the door.

Lately, there’s been a hollow wooden surfboard hanging on the upstairs wall, complementing a longboard downstairs with a stunning resin tint and made by ‘berg shaper John Bramwell of Evenflow Surfboards. (It’s not only surfboards on the walls, by the way – there’s also stunning local photographs and interesting light hangings to have a squizz at while you enjoy your coffee kick).

Anyway, I’m stoked to have a board on the wall, but unfortunately it’s an order that’s awaiting pick-up and so I’m making a new board that owner Dave wants to have as a fixture on the wall, but also wants to take down from time to time for a paddle at Surfer’s Corner, a stone’s throw away.

Hard to imagine that the above pile of wood – recyclable off-cuts and near-rough pieces of different varieties of locally grown timber – is going to turn into a surfboard, but in about a month’s time it will be a 6’4″ quad fish with amazing wood grains to oggle. I’ll post pictures as it all comes together.

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  1. Awesome – cant wait to see how it turns out!

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