Jan 072013



Wood is wood, right? Nope. Just take a look at the grain on this 9’7″ hollow wooden longboard and you’ll understand. Even looking at the rough timber it was possible to see there was going to be a beautiful grain in the piece of Western Red Cedar used for this board, but it wasn’t until glassing that it really started to shine. The lighter colour wood strips are poplar and the contrast works well. Sold at the The Corner Surf Shop, Cape Town’s oldest surf shop.

Dec 062012

pisces3The first 9’6” longboard I made has long been on display at Pisces Divers. What’s worth a mention now is that Pisces Divers has moved to amazing new premises in Simonstown.

The building housing the dive centre boasts huge wooden sliding doors with the original fittings – above which hangs the  longboard – and massive Oregon pine roof beams that ooze character and style.

Situated 200m before the Simonstown Railway station on Main Road, the space was on display for the first time at a roof wetting party last week. It is stunning!

It’s big enough for Pisces to run a full dive centre complete with retail space and coffee shop. They’re minutes away from excellent shore dive sites or from their launch site to deeper reefs and wrecks with their dive boat.

I’m stoked to have a board on the wall of such a character-filled building and business.

And lastly, the table pictured above was also made by me. It’s nearly 3m long and made out of beautiful Oregon pine, standing as a centre piece in the middle of the shop.

Oct 222012

oldclassictailIt’s finally under glass. Sometimes it really has seemed like it was never going to get there and now that it is I feel a great sense of relief. That’s because once the first layer of resin goes on, it seals the hours and hours of woodwork – the measuring, the eyeballing, the planing, the scraping, the sanding, the constant attempt to strike a balance between getting it just right or pushing it over the edge and blowing it. Once the glass is on, there’s no going back. At times, I’ve felt like I’ve blown it; now that the glassing is on, I know it’s good.

This board has been some months in the making. It has a rolled bottom going into a V on the tail, and is made out of striking Western Red Cedar with poplar accent strips. It’s a special one and I’ll be posting the full story soon. In the meantime, here are some pictures that give a hint of what to expect.

Aug 282012

blackpinlongboardbottomblackpinlongboarddeckFOR SALE: 9′.6″ hollow wood longboard. Western Red Cedar, Poplar, Japanese Cedar, Redwood, Obeche. 8″ retro pivot bamboo fin. Email us for more info.

May 282012

driftwoood_hungThis 9’6″ hollow wooden longboard with a centre stringer made from pieces of driftwood recently sold from the Corner Surf Shop in Muizenberg and is now hanging in a seaside flat in Mouille Point, where its new owner has given it pride of place on the lounge wall. It’s a beauty; a real collector’s item. Thanks to Byron Loker for the pictures.


May 082012

Here’s a mini-mal that’s just been finished and gone off to its happy owner. I love how the deck came out on this one – a swirl of red cedar, redwood and japanese cedar.

Apr 302012

Umm, in this case – and apologies to the late and great Jimi Hendrix – it’s more like: ‘Excuse me, while I plug my surfboard’. Yes, have a look at the picture – it’s in a shop window, it’s beautiful and it’s for sale. Now go and buy it, potential customers.

Seriously, this is a one-of-a-kind, collector’s item surfboard. It’s a piece of art that’s functional too – a 9’6″ single fin hollow wood longboard. The deck is really special – there is a centre strip made of pieces of driftwood that I’ve picked up along the South African coast during my wave wanderings. This strip is framed by a stunning piece of kiaat which I found on a woodpile and the kiaat flows into some striking  redwood. The bottom of the board, which you can’t see in this picture, is Western Red Cedar, a premium wood with a fine, straight grain.

You just won’t find a board like this anywhere. It’s a piece of art that took upwards of 60 hours to make. Where: Corner Surf Shop, Muizenberg. Price: R6,500 (this is a steal for a labour of love like this. Everyone’s telling me it should be selling for much more and they’re right, so before I change my mind  go and buy it!)

PS…Other shops that have my boards are: Empire Cafe in Muizenberg, Pisces Divers in Glencairn and Pakalola’s restaurant and bar in Hout Bay.


Oct 182011

Recently I handed over two hollow wood surfboards to the talented surfing couple of Alan and Simone Robb so they could surf the boards and shoot some video footage. Both are serious style masters and have vast amounts of surfing experience – Alan has for nearly two decades been a standout at Kalk Bay reef and Simone is a multiple longboard champion. Well, the results are out and we’re stoked all around. Check out for yourself just how much fun it is to take a tree to the sea and surf it. Continue reading »