Jun 052011

On 11 November last year, I blogged about a special project, the making of a big wave gun. The wood plank pictured in that post was literally where it began. In between making boards for order and making other boards for me to surf, I’ve been slowly working on this one, spending a lot of time on the design and taking it out in between working on other boards. It’ been coming together slowly but surely. There’s still a lot of work to do, but when I can see the shape like this I really start getting excited.

This board has to survive extreme surf conditions and so I’ve added some reinforcements to the core frame. I haven’t been very worried about weight , which has been quite liberating. Guys are adding lead weights to their big-wave foam boards and according to Surfer Magazine, solid Balsa boards that are significantly heavier than foam boards are now being ridden as a matter of choice at big wave spots. With this in mind, I’ve glassed the inside bottom and the joints, used a 12mm thick stringer, and double set the rail lamination. I will also be half-setting a double stringer from tail to nose and glassing the inside top panelling. The unglassed inside sections will all be sprayed with a quick-set epoxy solution.