Nov 012011

6′.4″ hollow wood (cedar) thruster with retro lines, 6′.0″ hollow wood (cedar) twin keel fish with tucked rails into the tail and 5′.6″ hollow wood (cedar) egg shape with quad fin setup.

All shapes are available for sale. Our boards are also available for shop displays. If you’d like to arrange to have a beautiful wood-grained surfboard hung in your shop, then write to

Sep 262011

Here are two new boards, just before they went off for a polish, fin and plug placement. The first one is a 6.4 thruster made for a custom order, the second a 5.6 which is going to run as a quad. Looking good!

Sep 082011

Here’s a selection of hollow wooden surfboard shapes, from a 5.6 egg shape that is just about finished right through to a 9.6 gun. It’s a good time to post a picture showing all the boards together because this website was two years old in August and my journey in wood surfboard making is now four years old.

It seemed crazy to start making and riding wood surfboards and four years later it still seems crazy, but maybe a little less so. TheĀ greatest thing about making hollow wooden surfboards has been the people that I have come into contact with. From the countless people who have stopped and asked about the boards at the beach and taken the time to chat about surfing waves and life in general, to those who know more than me and have offered advice and encouragement along the way (Annabel, Milan, Byron, Ralph, Wade, Robin, Patricia, Cees, Anja, Cath, Fred, John, Mark, Mike, Ray, Kev, Steve, Spike, Adrian, Chris, Andy, Lee, Justin, Kelly, Peggy , Stefan and many more) to those that have taken a leap of faith and actually bought one, I’m really, really grateful. Thank-you!