Dec 122018

bodysurfing handplanes christmas giftOur original and all-natural bodysurfing handplanes are handcrafted from locally grown wood and make the ideal Christmas gift for anyone interested in aquatic pursuits.

Bodysurfing is one of the purest and most fun way of riding a wave that there is, and it is gaining in popularity amongst ocean users.

Using a bodysurfing handplane to enhance the experience takes bodysurfing to the next level, enabling greater control on the face of the wave and the ability to truly surf down the line.

Bodysurfing hand planes from Burnett Wood Surfboards cost R850 each, and this includes door-to-door courier to anywhere in South Africa.

bodysurfing handplanes christmas giftPlease contact Patrick on 073 232 3043 or email to arrange your order.

I’ve been an avid bodysurfer for several years. All of the bodysurfing handplanes that I make are tried and tested in a variety of conditions.

Bodysurfing has enabled me to get in the ocean more often. It keeps me fit because you’re pulling your own bodyweight through the water and into waves.

bodysurfing handplanes christmas giftAnd it’s a wave riding discipline all on its own, with a variety of tricks and techniques to learn that has only enhanced my ocean adventures.

Apr 082016

WSadFINALFrom 18-23 April 2016, Burnett Wood Surfboards will be moving to the Cape Town city centre to run both an evening hollow wood surfboard building course and a one-day bodysurfing handplane course.

The evening wooden surfboard building course enables folk who want to work with their hands and build a beautiful, functional surfboard to do so without having to take leave.

Participants will work with beautiful wood, crafting their own surfboard from a pile of planks through to the finished wooden shape.

In the process they will learn about the age-old history of wood and surfing, the environmental aspects of wooden surfboard building and surfboard shaping generally. It’s a real opportunity for surfers to discover the joy of making something with their hands.

The handplane course also offers the opportunity to make a functional and beautiful surfcraft out of wood, albeit in one day as opposed to the five evenings of the HPad2FINALsurfboard course.

Participants will learn about the enjoyment of bodysurfing, the design dynamics that underpin handplanes and the pleasure of shaping something out of wood. Participants walk away with their own self-crafted handplane.

Places are limited so anyone interested should book without delay through contacting Patrick on or 073 232 3043

For more information on the surfboard building courses, including the surfboard shapes available and pricing, please visit our courses page.

For more information on the hand plane course and pricing, please visit our hand plane page.