DIY surfboard kits


The board in a box package contains everything needed for people who want to build a wooden surfboard at home. It is supported online with hundreds of photographs, videos and an instruction manual. It’s a great project for surfers looking for a DIY project. It’s something that fathers and sons can work on together and it makes for a special present to a loved one or friend.  


The Board in a Box package provides all the materials and instructions needed to build your own hollow wood surfboard. Due to the resins, glues and raw wood supplied in this kit, the full kit is only available to customers in South Africa, but we can still supply only the frame and template to customers internationally (please see below).

The box includes all the wood (pre-cut and ready for assembly), glue, glassing material, and an online resource page to guide you through the process. The resource page includes a 30-page instruction manual with step-by-step instructions, hundreds of photographs showing every step in the process and how-to videos. Email support during your board building experience is also available, if required. The only things we don’t supply are the woodworking tools that you will need.

The kit is suited for people who have DIY or woodworking experience, have a space available at home or in a workshop to build the board and are prepared to work independently. The advantage of buying one of our kits is that you get a shape that has been built, tried and tested. You get access to the technique we use to build strong, functional and beautiful surfboards. In addition, we provide you with the best possible materials, glues and resins that you will need.

Building a wooden surfboard is a time investment. To give an idea of the time commitment required, we start on the Monday and finish on the Friday when running workshops. This allows for the woodworking on the surfboard to be finished. Kit builders have to budget for this time (five days of work) but they also have to budget additional time for the glassing of the surfboard they build.


kit to build a wooden surfboard, wooden surfboard, hollow wooden surfboard

The contents of a DIY surfboard kit.

kit to build a wooden surfboard, wooden surfboard, hollow wooden surfboard

The full package.



















Board shapes available in kit form

These are some of the board shapes available in kit form.




– Online instruction manual/resource page

– Pre-cut frame and ribs according to design, ready for assembly

– Precut rail strips

– Precut deck and bottom planking ready for lamination

– Precut nose and tail blocks

– Template of board outline

– Glue for frame, rail, deck and bottom laminations and glue-ups

– Sanding disks or paper for the various grits required

– Masking tape

– Surgical gloves

– Foam rollers and hand roller

– Fiberglass brushes

– Resin and catalyst for glassing

– Sanding resin

– Fiberglass cloth

– Mineral turpentine/Acetone

– Mixing jug

– Resin mixer for joint sealing

– Leash plug

– Wood fin to glass on to the surfboard

– Masks

– Ear plugs

– Squidgee


– Sash clamps (can be rented at some tool hire shops)

– F-Clamps, or G-Clamps, 5-10 (the more you have the better)

– Orbital sander, preferably 150mm circular but an ordinary rectangular orbital will also work

– Electric planer OR block planer for shaping the rails

– Router for leash hole although a spade bit on a drill can be used if done carefully.

– A flat, even surface to work on

– 8-10 pieces of scrap wood, 26mm thick, around 60cm wide.


Prices range from R5,500 to R7,500, depending on the length of the board model chosen. Please ask for an exact price on the board model that you are interested in.

All boards in the 6′ range listed above are R5,500. Mini-malibu kits are R6,250. The 9′ longboard kit is R7,150 and the 9′.6″ longboard kit is R7,500.

All our kits are made up from scratch so unless otherwise stated please allow 2-3 weeks from date of order to date of shipping.

Email or phone Patrick on 073 232 3043.



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  1. Would like to buy 1 how much is a kit

    • Hi there Bob,

      The kit prices start at R5,500 for all boards in the 6′ range and the price includes shipping to wherever you are. Mini-malibus and longboards are more because the material costs obviously increase. If you’d like to have a look at the board models available you can find them on the page above. Please email me on if you’d like to go ahead with your order. Best regards, Patrick

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