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A classic 5′.7″ fish shape, available as a frame and template package.

Thinking about building a hollow wooden surfboard at home?

Burnett Wood Surfboards has a large collection of surfboard shapes to choose from if you are thinking about building a hollow wooden surfboard. Fish shapes, eggs, mini-sims, single fin, thruster, mini-malibu and longboard shapes are available. We can send frame and template kits anywhere in the world.

Here’s what you get when you order the frame and template for one of our surfboard shapes:

  • The computer cut precision plywood frame that will give you the rocker, width and volume of your surfboard.
  • The chipboard template that will give you the true outer shape of the surfboard you choose.
  • Access to an online resource containing an instruction manual that will help you build your board.

The real value of buying this frame and template offer is that it gives you access to the online resource. You’ll find a detailed 35-page instruction manual that will take you through every stage of building your board. There are hundreds of photographs, and several short videos showing important steps.  

 Available shapes: 










This 9′.8″ longboard shape is also available in frame and template.

What to expect from:

The fish shape: Both the 5′.4″ and 6′.1″ in frame and template form are classic fish shapes that lend themselves beautifully to being made in wood. The fish is known for being fast and zippy on the wave face, and these models don’t disappoint. If you’re below 75kg and a good surfer then choose the shorter version. Above 75kg and in need of some paddle power, the the 6′.1″ is your choice.

The single fin: We have either a 6′.4″ or 6′.8″ single fin option available. Both are classic shapes from a bygone era in surfing history. They have low rocker, the wide point forward and lots of volume up front.

The eggs: There’s a 5′.4″ and a 6′.4″ option available in frame and template format. These are fast and manoeuvrable boards, like the fish shapes, but where they differ is that you can be flexible with the fin set-up you choose, making this shape more versatile. Surf it as a single fin for a cruisy kind of ride and pivot off the fin, or ride it as a thruster for a more modern feeling. There’s lots of volume up front and these boards are known for their high wave counts.

The mini-malibu: A great paddler and wave catcher, this board is a bridge between short boards and longboards. It’s good for beginners because it is stable and predictable.

A 9′.6″ longboard available in frame and template form.

The longboards: We have 9′, 9′.6″ and 9′.8″ longboard models available. Longboards are perfect for making and surfing in wood and the shape carries the extra weight of wood exceptionally well in the water. The 9′ longboard model is for the lightweight surfer and can be made as a single fin or as a more modern thruster. The 9′.6″ gives a little more volume and can also be made as a single fin or thruster. The log of the three is the 9′.8″, a board with lots of volume and meant to be surfed in cruise control.

The above are the most popular models. We also have mini-sims and gun shapes available, so please let us know if you’re interested in these.

Frame and template prices:

Boards up to 6’4″: $145, including free international shipping (7-10 days shipping time).

Boards 7′.6″: $170, including free international shipping (7-10 days shipping time).

Boards: 9′ and above: $210, including free international shipping (7-10 days shipping time).

Hand shaped wooden fins, wooden leash plugs and air vent plugs can be added to the package at your request.

Hand shaped fins: $30 per set or single fin

Wooden leash plug: $10

Air vent plug: $10

Payment can be made via Paypal or direct bank transfer. Please email me on for an invoice.

Surfboard frame and template.

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