Stand up paddleboards: courses and custom orders



Since 2015 Burnett Wood Surfboards has been offering a range of wood stand up paddleboards (SUP) that include surfing, flatwater and downwind boarding models.

The four models available in the SUP range complement the existing hollow wood surfboard courses that have been offered since 2013. The SUP models can also be ordered as completed items, expertly crafted by Burnett Wood Surfboards, and as kit frames for home builders.

The SUP range comes through a partnership with United States-based Clearwood Paddleboards, who have an established range of stunning hollow wood SUPs. These boards have all been designed and water tested by Clearwood Paddleboards. The range includes a 9′-0″ surf SUP, a 10′.4″ surf SUP, a 12′.6″ paddling board and a 14′ touring/racing SUP. More details and pictures of the models are available below.


Those interested in SUP courses are asked to send an email to saying which dates they are interested in. 50% deposit is required to secure a course booking. Contact Patrick on 073 232 3043 or write to

Course Venue

Our wood surfboard building workshop is on Good Hope Gardens Nursery, just outside Scarborough and opposite Cape Point Nature Reserve. It is a stunning, rural, rustic and peaceful location to build boards from, surrounded by mountains and indigenous vegetation, and close to the ocean.

Available models



The South Beach

This board is 9′ x 29″ x 4 1/8″ so it has lot’s of volume. It has enough volume for bigger riders but is responsive enough for lighter weight riders as well. It has a slight “v” in the tail and other than that is totally flat. This board is best ridden with a thruster or 2 + 1 set up.

Course price: R15,500

Custom build price: R18,250

Kit price: R2,980





The Chetco

This board is 10′-4” long x 29″ wide x 4 ¼” thick. Designed to ride like a traditional longboard, it’s the perfect board for smooth fluid turns and feels like a much smaller board. It was designed to surf but has worked great as an all-around board for smaller paddlers wanting a board for surfing or cruising. It’s a big board but is still really fun to ride on smaller days. It’s got a generous amount of tail rocker and a really thinned out foil in the tail so turns well for such a big board and works fine as a nose rider even with a flat bottom. This one is flat nose to tail and is set up as an old school single fin.

Course price: R16,500

Custom build price: R18,800

Kit price: R3,220



The Umpqua

This board is 12′-6″ long x 27″ (also available in 30″ wide) wide by 6 ½” thick at the nose. It is a fun and fast board that slices through small chop with ease and can be down winded in up to waist high bumps. It is designed to be a fast paddling board for either touring or recreational racing. Although this board is not a dedicated downwind board, for those paddlers with some experience in surf the “Umpqua” is fun in downwind conditions. It’s been paddled on the ocean, local lakes and in downwind conditions.

Course price: R18,000

Custom build price: R20,000

Kit price: R3,600




The Cascade

This board is 14′-0″ long x 6 1/2″ at the nose x 25”, 27″ or 30″ wide

Course price: R19,500

Custom build price: R22,500

Kit price: R3,720







For the home builder, all of the boards listed above are available in frame form and can be mailed to you (free of charge if you are in South Africa). The package includes the computer cut frame and an assembly manual.

Courses: What you need to know

  • SUPS are large boards and you need to be prepared to do the work required on the course in order to build the board. Typically this involves measuring, gluing, sanding, sawing and similar activities associated with any DIY project.
  • Most of the SUP will be completed during the course. However, if we are not able to finish certain aspects like end shaping and finish sanding, then we will do this on your behalf at no extra cost.
  • Because these are large boards that require a lot of work to glass, it will take 3-4 weeks after the course ends for us to glass and finish the SUP you make before it is ready for delivery. Your SUP may be ready earlier than that, but expect 3-4 weeks.
  • The SUP you make may not look exactly like the boards in the pictures showing the models due to variation in available woods. We’ll do our best to accommodate requests for a certain style and look when it comes to the wood, but please note we don’t grow the trees and can only get the best available at any given time.
  • Paddles are not included. Wood paddles can be made at an additional charge. Removable fins are not included in the prices. We can supply these at additional charge.

Custom builds

If you order a custom SUP from us, expect three months from the time of ordering until the board is ready to be collected/shipped. 50% deposit is required to secure an order.


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  1. These boards are simply outstanding, absolutely beautiful. Way to go! On my wishlist I watched someone punting around on one yesterday morning at Scarborough main beach…

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