Custom wood surfboards


Burnett Wood Surfboards is the leading hollow wooden surfboard manufacturer in South Africa, and one of the few commercial manufacturers globally. We specialise in custom wood surfboards.

What distinguishes us is that we have nearly 10 years of commercial experience making hollow wooden surfboards. With passion and commitment, we’ve pioneered an approach that puts the environment at the heart of surfboard manufacture.

Our experience means that we’ve experimented extensively with wood surfboard construction. We’ve evolved an approach that blends structural integrity with enhancing the performance aspects of hollow wood surfboards.

We have the widest range of surfboard models and all of our surfboard shapes have been developed and tested in a wide variety of surf conditions over a long period of time. That means our shapes suit the unique characteristics of wood and are able to withstand the pressure the ocean puts on a surfboard.

Hollow wooden surfboards are complex structures that need to be built with experience and precision in order to be functional, beautiful and long-lasting. That’s why our history is so critical. And it’s why we guarantee the structural integrity of our surfboards.

As proof of our approach, our boards can be found not only in our home market of South Africa, but around the world in Australia, England, France, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland and elsewhere.


We have a wide variety of hollow wood surfboard shapes, from a 5′.4″ fish shape all the way through to an 11′ big wave gun.

Our custom wood surfboard orders are handcrafted with attention to detail and meticulousness being key watchwords.  The wood for every surfboard is hand-selected from rough-shorn timber to ensure that we are able to provide the best grain and most beautiful surfboards.  Without exception, every single surfboard we make is a one-of-a-kind item infused with years of experience in making hollow wood surfboards.




Boards up to 6′.0: R8,800 

6′.1″ to 6′.4″: R9,500  

6′.5″ to 7′.5″: R9,800  

7′.6″ to 8′.5″: R10,000

8′.6″ to 9′.6″: R11,975  

9′.7″ to 11′.0″: R12,650  

* Delivery fees not included.

Additional custom charges

Western Red Cedar: Add 10% to the prices above
Driftwood inserts: R150 per foot (20mm wide), curved or straight lines
Shell inserts: R250 per foot (20mm wide), curved or straight lines
Wood Stains: R1,000 per board
Pin lines: R500 per board


Time frames

Wooden surfboards are very labour intensive: current turnaround time is 4-6 weeks.


International orders

We have experience shipping all over the world and welcome international orders. All items are shipped in a recyclable, reusable corrugated cardboard boxes to prevent damage. Please indicate if you require shipping and we’ll include it in your quote.



Terms are 50% deposit, 50% final payment on delivery of board.

Gallery 1



Gallery 2:Snaps of some of the boards we’ve built

Custom Boards




– “Just wanted to say a very big thank you for the amazing surfboard you made & sent up. Its flippen awesome & genuine piece of art!”

– “Thank you once again for bringing something into my life that has brought such a wonderful addition to my surfing experience.”

– “Riding that board felt like what driving a Ferarri must feel like after you’ve driven a VW Golf all your life.”



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  1. Hi;

    I am friends with your site on FB. Am quite interested in your product and have been toying with the idea of a custom board. Actually had one all paid for (custom board) with Dunn surfboards, also in Mossel Bay, but something went wrong and that order never materialized. I live and work in the ME and am late to surfing, but am enjoying now more than ever the process of learning … thats why I thought what better way to learn on a custom board … anyway. I am 99Kgs and 6′ 1 in height and currently am very average in terms of skill. What board would you recommend for someone like me from your range and do have a price listing a person can refer to? If possible can you advise what that would include?? .. for eg, bag, leash etc, etc and if not how much extra would that be?? Can a person order a custom bag, one that is quite deep for multi-boards and or clothes – just thinking ahead … many tks – Curtis.

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