Bodysurfing handplanes: Courses and custom



bodysurfing handplanesCUSTOM ORDERS: we have a stock of expertly crafted bodysurfing handplanes or can make a plane specially for you. R850 each including postage anywhere in South Africa.

COURSES:  build your own beautiful, surfable bodysurfing handplane in just one day.

The one-day course, in which participants shape their own bodysurfing hand planes, takes place at our workshop on Cape of Good Hope Nursery outside Scarborough (unless otherwise stated).

For a day of craft, join us and work with beautiful timber in making something that you can play with in the ocean.

We’ll take you through some basics about getting the best out of the piece of timber you work with, brief you on the tools you’ll be using, provide information on the different features of hand planes and give you a step by step briefing on how to shape your hand plane.

The entire day, including tools, materials, and your finished hand plane, will cost R1,200.

Eight bodysurfing hand planesWhat you get:

– Access to all tools and materials needed to shape your hand plane

– A briefing on hand planes and how they work

– Tuition and assistance

– Your own beautiful, functional wave craft

– Experience of working with wood and craft

Contact Patrick on or 073 232 3043




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