Bodysurfing handplanes


About our handplanes

Our original and all-natural bodysurfing handplanes are handcrafted from locally grown wood.

All of the bodysurfing handplane shapes we make are tried and tested in a variety of conditions. Our research and development is to take the handplanes we make – and go surfing.

Handplanes for sale

Bodysurfing hand planes from Burnett Wood Surfboards cost R850 each, and this includes door-to-door courier to anywhere in South Africa.

We have a stock of expertly crafted bodysurfing handplanes, or can make a plane specially for you.

Contact Patrick on or 073 232 3043

Workshops: Build your own

The one-day course, in which participants shape their own bodysurfing hand planes, takes place at our workshop on Cape of Good Hope Nursery outside Scarborough (unless otherwise stated).

For a day of craft, join us and work with beautiful timber in making something that you can play with in the ocean.

We’ll take you through some basics about getting the best out of the piece of timber you work with, brief you on the tools you’ll be using, provide information on the different features of hand planes and give you a step by step briefing on how to shape your hand plane.

The entire day, including tools, materials, and your finished hand plane, will cost R1,200.

What you get:

– Access to all tools and materials needed to shape your hand plane

– A briefing on hand planes and how they work

– Tuition and assistance

– Your own beautiful, functional wave craft

– Experience of working with wood and craft

Contact Patrick on or 073 232 3043


About bodysurfing

Bodysurfing is one of the purest and funnest way of riding a wave that there is. Using only their body and a small bodysurfing handplane, riders can surf the face of a wave and learn to perform a variety of tricks.

It’s an art all in itself, with a growing base of fanatics around the world.

For surfers and other water users, bodysurfing helps with fitness because you’re pulling your own bodyweight through the water and into waves. Another benefit includes getting in the water more often, especially when the conditions might not be great for surfing.

An oft said fact about bodysurfing is that it is unique because in othervwave-riding disciplines, you are above the water on your craft, whereas with bodysurfing, you’re completely submerged in the water. That’s why bodysurfing feels like you’re very much in the wave.

A bodysurfing handplane (held in one hand) creates lift underneath the handplane, allowing the user to hold their upper body out of the water when riding a wave. The feeling of riding an unbroken wave with only legs in the wave behind you, is unique.

With practice you can actually surf the unbroken wave and perform manoeuvres such as cutbacks and barrel rolls.

Bodysurfing is  an easy way to enjoy the waves, keep water-fit and is just plain fun. It’s  best enjoyed with a pair of fins.

Bodysurfing handplanes, Burnett Wood Surfboards, handguns, wooden surfboards, wood surfboards, wood surf craftTips for beginners:

Start out practicing going straight in broken waves. Hold the plane in front of you, straighten your arms and experiment with how the plane allows your body to be lifted out of the water. When progressing to catching unbroken waves, hold the plane out and angle into the unbroken part (face) of the wave. Hold the plane in the hand closest to the face.

Bodysurfing handplanes are not a flotation or safety device. Users should be competent swimmers and aware of ocean conditions such as rip currents or strong tides. Use at your own risk.


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