Apr 142019

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There will be a 10% discount on all build-your-own wooden surfboard workshops in May, and on bookings made in May for the July workshop. You can also build your board just about anytime that you want during the month of May.

The discount applies to all surfboard models – mini-sims, fish, single fin, egg, mini-malibu and longboards.

Click here for pricing and further details.

Our workshops – where you build your own beautiful wooden surfboard starting from a pile of planks – take five days.

In May, you’ll be able to:

  • Build your board in any of the five weeks of May (Mon-Fri)
  • Build your board on five consecutive Saturdays (great if you’re a working surfer and can’t take time off work)
  • Build your board on any other five consecutive days (Except Sunday)

This offer applies only to workshop builds that take place in May.

With the prices of wood, resins, glues and just about everything else continually sky-rocketing, it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to repeat this offer anytime soon, so if you’ve been wanting to do the workshop – now is your time.

Making a wooden surfboard is an opportunity to reconnect with your hands and make a long-lasting, functional work of art. The process engages surfing’s history, alternative and more sustainable surfboard construction methods, and learning about surfboard design.

You don’t need DIY or woodworking experience. We’ve devised a programme that everyone can follow. Both ladies and gents are welcome. Participants build their own board (it won’t be done for you).

Burnett Wood Surfboards has been running workshops for six years and hundreds of people have made stunning wooden surfboards. Just have a look at the gallery below for proof.

Course Pictures and Boards

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