Jan 042012

Okay, I drove past cooking surf today to pick up this 9′.6″ single fin longboard from its finishing sand and take it on to the person who ordered it as a birthday gift for her son.

I admit, even though I’d never do it, it did occur to me more than once to cancel the order, return the deposit and take this beauty for a paddle at Muizenberg. (As I drove over Boyes Drive I saw a guy on a red longboard catch a left that rolled for ever – when I dropped down the mountain and he disappeared from sight over my right shoulder he was still gunning it.)

Anyway, I had a birthday deadline to meet on this board and I didn’t really get a chance to take a proper photograph, which is a shame because I reckon this is one of the most beautiful boards I’ve made. The centre strip of wood is camphor and has an interesting knot with tinges of orange, green, brown and yellow that made for a great centre piece. This middle strip is framed by Western Red Cedar followed by wide planks of Redwood that fade from yellow into flaming red. I used matching planks for the bottom and the top. It’s no exaggeration to say that there simply isn’t a surfboard like it in the world. If I made the exact same shape, it would be almost impossible to replicate the look – even using the same varieties of wood.

Even though I don’t know you, happy birthday pal! Hope you catch one of those lefts!

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  1. Great looking board! Surely you can justify a pre-delivery surf test! Guess you’ll have to chat nicely to the new owner – congrats on a unique and beautiful product!

  2. Love the board, tho’ when I’m rich again, I’ll be ordering a rounded pin — just like my best-ever first brand-new board, a 6′ Gypsy Brown which cost me all of R15 in, agh, 1973. Your work is amazing, Patrick!

  3. Thanks for the great comments from the Eastern Cape, guys!

    Jerome, I did rush home to begin work on the next one for my personal quiver so there won’t be a pre-delivery inspection, but rather a post delivery inspection! Mr Lo Ewe, you must give me the dimensions of that Gypsy Brown and I’ll try to replicate it.

  4. How much did this board weigh when finished?
    kind regards,

  5. Hi Dan, I actually didn’t weight this one before it went off, but it wasn’t very heavy. I’m making one now that I’ll weigh and post the results.

  6. Hi Patrick,

    I made my first hollow board in 2008 which was a 9,6 noserider. I also bought the ebook from the guy in Cal. I hace since only made a fish that did not have the shape that I really liked. Using cork and bending ply for the rails like Paul Jensen works well and looks good too.

    I don’t get to much time to get in the surf so my next project will be a flatwater sup for the river and canals in St. Francis Bay where I currently live.

    Great to see someone making a go of making hollow wood boards and where better than sunny S.A

    Dave Williams

  7. Hi Dave, Thanks for getting in touch – great to hear from you. I’d love to see the noserider you made so if you’ve got any pictures please send them along to burnett.patrick@gmail.com. Good luck with the SUP! Cheers, Patrick

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