Dec 202013

A gift card from Burnett Wood Surfboards – gives the holder the present of building their own wood surfboard in 2014.

20130910_171838With Christmas just a few days away, Burnett Wood Surfboards offers some unique and special gifts.

Our gift cards will provide entry into one of our hollow wood surfboard building courses, held at Imhoff Farm Village in Kommetjie, Cape Town. The holder of the present will be able to reconnect with their hands and build their own hollow wood surfboard at any time that suits them during 2014.

Secondly, you can buy a ready-made hollow wood surfboard as a very special present to your loved one – or yourself. Apart from the twin-keel fish pictured left (more info here), we also have a classic-styled single fin and twin-keel fish for sale, both handcrafted out of hard-to-come by and very beautiful Japanese Cedar.

Write to or phone Patrick on 073 232 3043.

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