Oct 122009

All the materials are just about together to begin production of a 7.8 mini-Malibu and a 5.9 fish.

The 7.8 is going to be first on the construction table and it is going to be a beautiful, beautiful board, built with alternating strips of Obeche and Californian Red Wood. It really is going to be a one-of-a-kind, collector’s item board. I’m expecting it to be finished in early December, just in time for some fun summer surf at Muizenberg. Any takers? If you want a beautiful and unique surfboard that rides well make me a cash offer and the board could be yours.

The second board, which I’m also hoping to finish in early December, is the 5.9 fish. It will also be built with alternating strips of Obeche and Californian Red Wood and based on the successful fish design I’ve already built and tested. This is also going to be a really beautiful surfboard – just take a look at some of the pictures of the fish I built out of Oregon pine. Same deal with the 7.8 – if you want a unique and beautiful surfboard make me a cash offer.

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