Nov 022011

They made it!

The 10-ton green truck powered by cooking oil and carrying one of our hollow wooden surfboards has powered its way from Cape Town to Joburg. (Some of that cooking oil apparently came from my favourite fish and chip shop in Kalk Bay Harbour, Kalkies).

Now the big day is here, with the opening of Mark Sampson’s new stand-up comedy show, Africa Clockwise, at the Theatre on the Square in Sandton, tonight. The show features the surfboard live on stage. (Sandton! Juslaik, that’s a long way from a garage in Fish Hoek, ek se!)

The nerves are tingling and the razzle and the dazzle of opening night is humming around the stage, sources say. But Mark reckons he’s ready. And so is the board, pictured here on stage and under lights after being quickly photographed with a cell phone. It’s ready to wow Sandton. ‘I got a huge reaction carrying it in,’ reckons Mark in a quick SMS between press interviews, ‘people love it, it’s so beautiful.’

** Get a free ticket to Mark’s show now! Mark reckons on his Facebook profile all you need to do is phone 011 883 8606 and say you’re part of the Flash Mob!



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