Oct 182011

Recently I handed over two hollow wood surfboards to the talented surfing couple of Alan and Simone Robb so they could surf the boards and shoot some video footage. Both are serious style masters and have vast amounts of surfing experience – Alan has for nearly two decades been a standout at Kalk Bay reef and Simone is a multiple longboard champion. Well, the results are out and we’re stoked all around. Check out for yourself just how much fun it is to take a tree to the sea and surf it.

Alan, who did most of the surfing, with Simone behind the lens, reckoned the boards – a 5.6 egg shape and 9.6 classic longboard – were “amazing to ride”.

“The 5’6″ egg has so many possibilities. It’s probably the most versatile board I’ve had the good luck to ride, with options for shortboard hot-dogging and tube-riding, as well as some traditional longboard moves like the hang five.” It was Alan’s unique interpretation of how to ride this board that got me excited. Have a look at how in the video he goes from carving down the line and then seamlessly switches into a hang five.

Not to be outdone by it’s shorter partner, the longboard also got the nod from Alan.

“The 9’6″ longboard was also epic – it reminded me of the Whitmore ’44 I grew up with, and it is a noserider of note. Thanks for the ride.”

The soundtrack by the extraordinarily talented guitarist Steve Newman of Tananas fame is a bonus. Thanks Steve! And many thanks to Alan and Simone from Leaping Louse Productions!





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